Dive into the Future with Google Philippines: Unlock AI Skills for Free

Google Philippines has revealed that Google Cloud is launching a complimentary artificial intelligence skills development program aimed at expanding AI and machine learning education accessibility for Filipinos. Yves Gonzalez, the Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy at Google Philippines, emphasized that the AI learning course will be available online, ensuring easy access for all Filipinos.

Gonzalez stated, “The great news is that this resource is completely free. Anyone can avail themselves of it, regardless of their location or financial means. The courses encompass a wide range of topics, including distinctions between generative AI and other AI types, responsible AI, and machine learning, among others.”

He further explained, “Upon completing this course, learners can then pursue other machine learning and data science courses. This empowers Filipinos to showcase their proficiency in sought-after AI skills to potential employers.”

Moreover, Google Cloud is extending support to startups in the Philippines, specifically those in the seed to early-stage (series A) phase that utilize AI as their foundational technology for product or solution development. The Google for AI Startups Cloud Program will grant Filipino startups access to valuable cloud credits totaling up to $350,000 over a two-year period.

Gonzalez highlighted the significance of this initiative, saying, “In addition to digital skilling, Google is dedicated to assisting early-stage AI startups, recognizing their resource limitations and higher likelihood of facing challenges.”

He added, “The program provides participants with valuable access to AI experts, training, and networking opportunities.”

Furthermore, Google Philippines has expanded its Google Career Certificates program this year, introducing three new courses: business intelligence, advanced data analytics, and cybersecurity. These certificates serve as professional credentials, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to acquire job-ready skills in thriving digital fields such as information technology support, user experience design, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

Notably, last year, Google announced its commitment to awarding 39,000 Google Career Certificate scholarships, benefiting underserved communities in the Philippines by equipping them with digital skills and industry-recognized certificates, ultimately empowering them to pursue their career aspirations.

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